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Our software solution makes all public procurement, commercial tenders, acts and state commission decisions accessible and easily accessible, by following over 400 websites of all contracting authorities instead. In this way, eTenders provide timeliness and accuracy, which greatly facilitates the preparation process for the procurement process. 

For who eTenderi was made for?

Software eTenders with web portal and smartphone application has been developed in 2016, and it is the first of the core Amplitudo digital innovative products that has commercialised. Application collects the information on public tenders published by the Montenegrin government, organizations and companies, as well as international organizations, and makes them available through the appealing smartphone application developed both on Android and iOS platforms. Also, all data is available on the web part of the application with more options and features for end users.


Collection of relevant tender information from public websites have been ensured through the Web Scraping Computer Programme (WESCO) that has been developed in house by Amplitudo Software Development team, and which automatically extracts publicly available data about tenders from the relevant websites through Hypertext Transfer Protocol.


eTenders are primarily oriented to the private companies (notably SMEs) who intend to bid on the public tenders and tender of large companies and organizations (e.g. World bank, EU delegation, OSCE, CoE, UNDP, etc.), providing them with immediate and user friendly access to all publicly advertised tenders. Every subscribed user creates personalized account after registration, and based upon the basic information and selected categories (types of tenders and industries), and in accordance with the specified interests, the user would receive timely notifications on the open tenders, via e-mail or Push notifications. In addition, user would receive notification in real time on any changes (clarifications, decisions, contracts, termination of procedures) regarding the each tender that user marked as favourite.


eTenders also allow easy browsing through the published tenders, by application of sets of filters, thus enabling users to easily identify interesting tenders. eTenders also provide users with information on following categories:

-               Which company receives most tenders in each category;

-               Which company receives most tenders from certain contracting authority;

-               How many tenders are published by each contracting authority;

-               What were the values of the contracts vis-脿-vis planned budget;

-               The number and value of contracts awarded to the specific bidder;

-               Average time from issuing tender call to contract award;


In December 2017, as recognition of the innovation and quality, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro awarded the trademark 鈥Dobro iz Crne Gore鈥 to eTenders. This trademark was specifically designed to brand the leading national economic products, and eTenders were the first ICT product that received it.



Since 2018, we have been working on integrating the public procurement markets of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from the software development perspective, application is completed. 

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