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Vacations management system

Employee holidays/days off management system. As simple as counting to 10.


You are glad that employees are looking forward to the summer holidays - until you look at the dates and realize that they are all scheduled for the same Sunday in July? A familiar scenario that can't happen with aWay.

With this system, there is always a clear overview of all days off, vacations of employees within the organization, the possibility of creating requests for the same, as well as the option of (dis) approval of appointments by superiors and HR services. Besides that, aWay directly makes plans and decisions on vacations, as well as the necessary accompanying reports, which have so far taken a lot of time for administrative and HR services.

Automating the management process reduces the possibility of confusion, overlapping vacations within the sector, time to plan vacations and decisions, errors in submitting requests and late approvals, and increases information transparency and business efficiency.


of the aWay

Process automation and documentation

aWay system will take care of all the confusing calculations related to the reports, solutions and plan of days off and vacations. Documents and processes that took time for administrative and HR services are ready with just a few clicks. Automation increases business efficiency, and the focus shifts to what is most important - your employees!

Better business organization

An automated presence and absence system provides a clear idea of which employees are available over a period of time and thus facilitates project planning and work assignments.

Mobile application

Mobile devices are always with us, so with the aWay mobile app, we have all the most up-to-date information about vacations and days off for employees is available 24/7.

Simple and user - friendly Dashboard

The user's home page offers a view of the following elements:
  • Navigation menu, which allows the user overview all the functionalities of the software,
  • Number of remaining days for the selected year,
  • Number of approved requests,
  • Number of rejected requests,
  • Requirements section,
  • Live notifications,
  • Calendar

By launching the software, at the top of the page are shortcuts for creating requests, notifications and profile settings.

3 steps to vacation approval

1. Selecting the New Holiday / Vacation Request option, user opens a modal window in which all holiday-related specifications are entered, as well as a calendar in which the user enters dates.

2. After the employee creates a request for annual leave, the superior and the HR department receive a notification about the performed action. The superior then accesses the Requests section by clicking on the specified option in the navigation on the left side of the screen, where the information about the employee - applicant is displayed. At that point, (s)he has the option to approve the employee’s request.

3. Clicking on the icon located on the header opens a notification list for the user. In this way, the user is at all times familiar with the current status of his request and directly receives notification of the approval of the holiday period.

Mobile Application

A clear advantage of the aWAY mobile app is that it allows employees to manage their days off using their mobile device. This possibility is of special importance for employees who perform their work duties in the field, outside the office, without access to desktop computers.

Employees can check the balance of their days off at any time, look at the dates available for vacation and submit requests.

Managers, on the other hand, through the mobile application have an insight into the calendar with the indicated days when someone is on vacation, as well as the requirements of their sector, with the possibility of (dis)approving them.


Prices are shown with a 20% discount on one year subscription. The listed prices are without VAT.


11.99/per month

up to 10 users

free for 30 days


22.99/per month

up to 50 users

free for 30 days


35.99/per month

up to 200 users

free for 30 days

200+ users?

We have special offers for companies with a large number of employees.

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