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Amplitudo academy

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If you happen to think that a major part of our lives would take place in the virtual world, it is very possible that you are dead right. If you imagine using this to develop big and successful business stories, you are quite right. If you have concluded that training and education are your first and foremost step, you are already on your way to finding a safe place in that world.

As the gap between formal education and the labor market has been growing lately, in 2018 we rolled up our sleeves and formed exactly the link we have been missing - the Amplitudo Academy. The gap between formal education and the labor market means that the ICT labor market is advancing and changing so quickly that faculties and educational institutions cannot keep up with it, change the curriculum, perform real projects and present the latest technologies. On the other hand, the strong theoretical basis acquired in these institutions, along with our practical work, allows us to prepare all candidates for the labor market through our training.

Since the founding of the Academy, our mission has been clear - to provide young people with the opportunity to acquire new and practical knowledge and build a career through free trainings in the field of information technology, design and marketing.

The fact that, after completing the training, the best participants get the opportunity to work in our company tells a lot about our great plans and how seriously we have approached the development of the Academy.

Our role is to produce a labour force for industries with a shortage of people, which are both the most attractive for work, and of course - the highest paid industries.

The aim is to prevent the brain drain in Montenegro, to create professional staff and to provide support for the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.


What do the trainings look like?


The trainings last six months. Throughout this period and with the help of their mentors, the participants have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and use it directly on real projects.

The training begins with testing through the admission task. The goal is to assess the initial knowledge for each candidate so that we can adjust the work plan and program depending on the knowledge of the group. The admission task also serves to monitor the progress of each candidate respectively.

By attending lectures held twice a week in duration of 1.5 hours, the participants go through various topics and real examples from the project. Mentors present parts of projects, processes, examples and send each candidate additional materials - tutorials, books, professional sites.

After the lectures, the mentors give weekly homeworks which include writing code, design implementation, i.e. everything necessary for the realization of real projects that are waiting for them after the training. If the participants have problems in solving the tasks, the mentors are available for consultations. During the following lectures they show the most common mistakes when making homework as well as best practices.


What benefits do participants get?

Throughout the training, the candidates will participate in 2 or 3 projects such as website development, web or mobile applications development, etc. In addition to the project development, candidates will go through the project implementation process - work on the project task, work with custom design, communication with the project leader and designers, work with agile work methodology, use of modern tools, etc. In this way, in addition to theoretical knowledge and through the implementation of real projects, participants gain knowledge usable by all companies and thus gain an advantage in the labor market.

From the very beginning, we decided that the certificate and confirmation on successful completion of training is not a yardstick of our work nor the result of participants’ knowledge, since we believe that with a GIT account, portfolio and projects completed during the training, all participants are ready for commercial work and contribution to the companies in which they are employed or engaged. The initial position on the labor market of all participants changes after they experienced practical work and projects, and when they have something to show. They are no longer beginners but juniors who can work on commercial projects.

With this proven method, the market is stronger, companies are hiring, and candidates continue to progress.


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