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Digital VS Traditional marketing?


Digital or traditional marketing? The question for years and despite all comparative analyzes, concrete answer is still no. ")

Digital or traditional marketing? The question for years and despite all comparative analyzes, concrete answer is still no. \ R \ n \ r \ nIn this article I will deal with the comparison of these two types of advertising, nor will any of them aside like better, but I will try to trick you into thinking with the aim of you bring your own conclusion, because in the end, every company, and therefore any campaign-specific, and in designing the strategy, there are tightly defined rules. \ r \ n \ r \ NOC, being contradictory. But I have to state its position, with the hope that it will not affect your right to the end of reading the text: I'm not supporters of either-or decision. the updating and combining is always a big hit and the key to long-term and effective results. \ r \ n \ r \ nVeliki number of people still opt for traditional marketing, believing that his decades-long presence proof quality. people will always read newspapers, exchange business cards and consciously or n esvjesno to death to change TV channels, and it will not change, at least not in the near future. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ NSA other hand, digital marketing has progressed rapidly, and its progress has brought a series of benefits and short cuts when it comes to the visibility on the market. In addition to us, as opposed to traditional marketing, gives concrete and exact insight into the results achieved, digital marketing is much more accessible. Can be used by smaller companies and companies that do not have large budgets, and that good results are not absent. \ R \ n \ r \ NIPAC we must not forget that without traditional marketing, digital would not even exist. The base, however outdated and upgraded was, can not be ignored (and not only when it comes to marketing, feel free to apply this advice and in other spheres) because it hides a lot more answers than we often expect. \ R \ n \ r \ nNajbolji way to potrkijepim thesis that strictly limiting the wrong approach is to give you an example, and not just any, but an example of our work. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n The company Vujacic, our long-standing client when online advertising is concerned, he concluded that it was time for TVC advertising. Carefully choosing the right moment and the right associates, we have entered into this project. Knowing the identity and way of perception of the target groups already mentioned our client, we opted for a commercial that communicates all the emotions and impressions that we recognize that we are challenged in the course of our previous cooperation. Taking advantage of this medium, we came to the final product. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ non the basis of our cooperation with the company Vujacic, but also with other clients, we have come to the following conclusion: digital advertising is now essential to achieve a certain visibility in the market. When, with the help of internet advertising, achieve certain results, carefully select the right time and refresh your appearance of some of the forms of traditional marketing. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nHope will need our example and the text to help in decision-making when your business is concerned. I still do not want to influence you (maybe a little), but keep in mind: Digital marketing has continued where the traditional stand, and together create a path that gives us the ideal solution for quality - a balance and allow yourself the luxury called creativity and diversity . \ R \ n \ r \ nReklamu for Vujacic company HERE.

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