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Good BRIFAH as the foundation of a successful campaign


Waiting for Godot (read quality BRIFAH), not to embark on writing strategies with absolute certainty in matching the wishes and requirements of the client with the possibilities of a client at a given moment. But the solution must exist. ")

Good BRIFAH the grail of successful campaigns and projects. Unfortunately, in our country, specifically in our market, very rarely you will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance and content of briefs when you open the long-awaited e-mail from a client. Clients he did not attach much significance without realizing that giving good BRIFAH give its full contribution to the development strategy continues to campaign to be effective and high quality. as much was said about it, good BRIFAH remains in the domain of the stigma, mystical phenomena, incredibly good and important, but never until now seen sounds like unfathomable božanstva- believe in him persistently although it never physically have not seen and experienced?). Waiting for Godot (read quality BRIFAH), not to embark on writing strategies with absolute certainty in matching the wishes and requirements of the client with the possibilities of a client in given moment. Therefore, the solution must exist, which is called the good old SWOT analysis. When we become ultra vires a rut otherwise, confident in their knowledge and skills; casually Flight through initial and implied ,, '' items. Well, here the problems begin: implication. Immediately forget it if you are planning to go into marketing. A good and solid base is what is essential to our work gave results in the long run, but in order to have a solid base we have to detail to explore how the only business of our clients and the market situation, nepodrazumijevajući absolutely nothing. Without a good base, a successful campaign is going to happen. Brief of the client will very rarely (with some exceptions) to give enough space to create, solid and strong base, but we have a solution how to get to the guidelines that will accurately and precisely set the cornerstone of your campaign. ; In perfect conditions, SWOT work by communicating with the client. Through the questions that this analysis implies, and answers that will help the client to give you a chance to find yourself on the right track. A very important thing you have to note your client that your questions must meet extremely honestly, fairly, (the client's subjective image of your business must be relevant), otherwise all the effort falls apart. So that we do. SWOT analysis consists of four segments, Strengths (S), Weeknesses (W), Opportunities (O) and Threats (T). , I emphasize, the client must be the ultimate objective. It happens that the client, in response to detailed questions SWOT analysis, concludes that there is still not ready for the campaign, and desist from any action until further notice. And it's a good result SWOT: your client will not throw money, not spend their time and yours and, finally, will not blame you for poor results. The first segment is power. In this section, encourage your klijenta- some honestly and without false modesty answer questions, and some of them might be: What is it that makes you better in comparison to the competition? ; What is it that helps you reach your business goals? Power presents the advantages and potential of the company or product / brand, what makes a good and stable, and gives him an advantage over the competition. The client will questions of this type is likely to have a ready answer. You'll have to keep a client's enthusiasm and when you switch to a detailed list of things that concern other segments, namely weaknesses. WEAKNESSES all the bad qualities of the company or product / brand, and can be found in any field of business that is not in range of the best or acceptable. When you want to define weaknesses, some examples of questions that you need to set the client are the following: What specifically prevents the realization of the set objectives? Ideally, what is it that would enhance and improve business? Note that responses be objective here very much valid. Avoid situations in which courtesy say ,, but not so bad ', because actually it is. All that's weakness is a potential initiator of the disaster and the collapse of the campaign. List the weaknesses and transform them into plans in which you work and gradually reduce their number. We have already mentioned two segments of four. That leaves us more opportunities and threats. Now is the time to make a difference between the segments. During this part of the analysis, you will notice: forces are positive and negative weaknesses internal circumstances, while the positive opportunities and threats of adverse external circumstances. So on the strengths and weaknesses, specifically on internal factors, can affect as concerning specific internal procedures and solutions within the business of our clients. Above them we have control and influence, and the opportunities and threats to circumstances beyond our control, but we can to recognize and anticipate, because we will be in the opposite slow down on the way to the final goal, to quality and effective campaigns. In the next part of the exercise, we will deal with external factors, opportunities and threats, and round off the story of a SWOT analysis as a tool for creating a valid and reliable BRIFAH resulting quality campaign.

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