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Good BRIF successful campaigns as the basis of part II


In contrast to the internal circumstances, there are external, which are not subject to under our influence, but we can very easily depreciate and make all our previous efforts and work to fail. ")

In the above we have drawn upon internal factors SWOT analysis, and to sum up. The strength and weaknesses are factors that we can influence and that we can change in your favor thoughtful decisions that are the result of a detailed analysis. Unlike internal circumstances, there are and external, which are not subject to under our influence, but we can very easily depreciate and make all our previous efforts and work to fail. \ r \ n \ r \ nIf you are, for example, a manufacturer of organic food products that are made from your organic gardens, and already you have made a recognizable brand, which is stable in the market and that it is difficult to overthrow, congratulations. So you have a good product, whose quality is recognized, and whose branding resulted authenticity and separation. But what if you befalls mildew or perhaps a destructive weather disasters? your garden is destroyed, its shoots are useless: a period of no fruits and vegetables as well as without your product. Then you can not help the old glory and the target group which is crazy for you. Thus, opportunities and circumstances must be carefully observed and detected in time, otherwise none of the fruits of dedicated and hard work. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nPrilike your chances and options in terms of the existence of a new room for growth and profit. If you together with your client define the chance to progress through the questions and answers you need to determine how you can improve your business and what you do at a given moment or in the near future, the conditions of the market and circumstances provide may support and assist progress. Is it a favorable state of the overall market, the emergence of new or withdrawal of the old competitor from your product categories? Is it the appearance of more advanced technology or the conclusion that small changes in internal operations bring profits and an additional run things better? \ R \ n \ r \ National Committee as a conclusion to make, if the opportunity is properly used, it means that you are on the right track detecting and finding alternative space for progress. Of course, this process must include vigilant monitoring to their surroundings, as well as competition. And on the mistakes of others to learn, which is a great way to bypass the same, or if they happen to you less cost. \ R \ n \ r \ n We went on to threats. Through the example of organic food products, we have already touched on this subject. In this case blight would be a concrete threat that can happen to your client, and your campaign. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nPrijetnje may be different (entry of new competitors, the adoption of unfavorable laws, economic crisis, etc.) and I think it is quite clear that those who are not at the time noticed, avoided or overcome can completely cripple the development and growth of your client, and therefore your campaign. The survival of your client on the market can be called into question, which in itself speaks volumes about the inevitability of a detailed analysis and strategies that you will get when with the help of SWOT analysis alone improve and refine BRIFAH. \ R \ n \ r \ Ndoki not clearly and accurately determine where your potential point of progress in a sea of ​​competition and threats, do not go into the creation of the campaign. Spare yourself and your client deprivation of prosperity and progress. \ R \ n \ r \ nKoliko as it may sound banal, stable base is what gives you the opportunity for further development, because as we have already completed the first part: BRIFAH is the cornerstone of the development strategy of your campaign, a SWOT analysis of reliable means for concretization and getting to know your customer. If the foundation is unreliable, do not expect a stable structure with high and impregnable walls.

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