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Illustration and its purposes Part I

ANASTASIJA VIŠNJIĆ // Graphic Designer

What is the purpose of illustration in the design? What significance it has in relation to the text? What is important to pay attention to good ilustracja? These are some of the questions that we want to draw attention today and that are crucial for understanding the importance of designers in modern world. ")

The attitude of illustrations and text \ r \ n \ r \ nThe proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words. Is there any truth in it? In principle, until you think about it, we fall into the trap and accept this claim for granted, but we must not forget that our world has much more subtlety than it may at first glance. After all, the mere statement that "one picture is worth a thousand words" is not an image, but a few words concluded the sentence. is it then strengthens pictures, or words that describe the picture? \ r \ n \ r \ nDublje meaning of the saying lies not so much in competition between illustrating and writing, but, on the contrary, in the examination of their purpose. the purpose of both the pictures and words, is to communicate with consumers , whether he is an observer or reader. \ r \ n \ r \ nIn graphic design, this communication is crucial. to this end, for better communication, marketers need to pay attention not to one or the other, but at excellent relationship both elements. The theft them all, no matter how much some technical illustration Properly done, if there is no IT background (whether it comes to post, blog, or typography that will support the picture) it is again, only images. Communication is as a crucial part of what distinguishes good design from bad. With regard to the fact that both (and the language and interpretation of the visual world), the basis of our communication, good design has to be characterized by a harmonious relationship of word and image. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nKvalitet communications \ r \ n \ r \ nKomunikacija is key, and therefore the art of communication is not insisting on the exclusive use of one of these two elements, but finding the right measures between both elements . In the design world, the core of the aforementioned sayings is not in the fact that the image is more important than the text, but simply in the speed of communication - good communication image in a split second, while the best and tightest circuit thousand words need minutes to read. No visual than a thousand words will not be successful - while, however, a few carefully chosen words as a slogan may be just what your visual needs. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nMeđutim, putting that aside, it is also understandable fact that even though the text that communicates a design or campaign designed painstakingly and very good quality, nothing can be done successful campaign was done in poor taste and poor visual elements. \ R \ n \ r \ nFrom of how something good done, depends on how well and quickly communicate with the audience. If there is a choice, always choose the solution beyond which you can proudly stand, although more costly and requires more patience. This choice will pay off in the long run in the form of new customers who will be considered more professional and attractive and will not appeal to associate with your product. \ R \ n \ r \ nUticaj illustrations on the brand and product \ r \ n \ r \ nTehnička preparation is extremely important. For something to be successfully done, the designer must have a good understanding of color, composition, typography, and also the customer - because, of course, even the best odrađena illustration that is too child will not benefit the client by the bank. From the same point of view, if we make too seriously illustration for a nursery, no matter how good, have not done a good job. The key to good communication is because of that, also, as better information - the more we know about the client and its target group, we will achieve bojja communication with this group. \ R \ n \ r \ nAs example, we can mention the production of labels Beer Academy. The Academy has decided that for your target group selected young people who are interested in something cheerful, humorous and unusual. The Academy Beers takes for his concept of life of young people and students, and called their craft beers at different stages of student life - like "perpetual graduate student" or "Vhrunski master". Comparing the process of drinking beer with the process of the formation of an academic citizen, we have succeeded to this idea put new note: It connoisseur and lover of beer is never old, but, with age, his taste Istance to such an extent that it becomes an academic expert in a wide range of beer taste and aroma. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nAfter as masterfully shaped his concept, complete it kvalitentnom illustration that fits their brand and target group - choosing a design very clear color, happy dynamic lines, and entertainment content. This design, therefore, has a special seal that is unique to them, and appropriate to their audience and contributes to the spread and popularity of their brand. And here are the words did their job, and this concept works very well on the level of the whole. \ R \ n \ r \ NUVE We made you into a story about the importance of illustrations and its inevitable symbiosis with the text, even we noted an example of branding, that is, weight help illustrations, proved to be very successful. In the second part of this blog, we will continue to deal with the theme of illustrations in marketing. Be patient, because sequel coming soon!

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