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Illustration and its purposes, Part II

// Graphic Designer

It is important to note that the quality branding something that does not end labels and the logo - it is something that is constantly supplemented and upgraded with new design elements. ")

Illustration marketers \ r \ n \ r \ nIn the first part of this blog we opened this topic, but now we continue where we left off. It is important to note that the quality branding something that does not end labels and the logo - it is something that constantly supplemented and upgraded with new design elements. in order for something to communicate, you need to be to be seen by as many people, and there at work comes marketing. \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nThe different channels, such as television, or, in this time of increasingly popular social networks, product and brand can find a larger audience and expand their target group. each label, as well as any post billboard or print ad, it must have a harmonious combination of text and illustrations to the image that you project of yourself was consistent - because, after all, how will someone remember not only depend on the quality of your products, but also on how often people see your product. \ r \ n \ r \ nWhat more and better in glass of target group, remind everyone of their existence (through humorous post or maybe tasty but sounding illustration, up to you) more will remember you and what you better remember, the greater the chance that they will be the memory of your condition that, in moments of indecision in choosing , turn right towards your product. After all, if you drink soda, you are much more likely to resort to well-known brand than for some of which you have never heard, right? This is your subconscious decision is confirmation of how many are large companies that bother you enter under the skin, and how their campaigns actually give results. \ R \ n \ r \ cocked to the emotions \ r \ n \ r \ nLjudi will forget what you said, and will forget what you did, but never forget how they felt because of you. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nThis is one of the quote Maja Angelou that reflects one of the most important principles on which our working memory. Every day, we are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information, many of whom must be filtered and eventually forgotten how we functioned. But where memories fade, feelings are deeper. Once an agreeable association between something good and products, that feeling is hard to shake off. \ R \ n \ r \ nThis may result in that successful companies do not try to overwhelm you with unnecessary information, but feelings. Do you remember if Kola Kola make the campaign about some statistics relating to their drinks, no matter how interesting, after a few years? Although details fade, all who see them remember huge amounts of advertising in which Santa Claus holding a bottle of Coke and smiling. Although not remember the little things these numerous campaigns, remembered their spirit, which brings the happy, pleasant associations to Christmas and the warmth of home and family. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nŠtaviše, Coca Cola's Christmas campaign were so popular that they contributed to the change in the collective consciousness of Santa Claus itself - because, before he was conceived as the old man in an old-fashioned department of green and brown and gray beard, but eventually his image in red attire and snowy white beard has become indispensable and so we see it today. Santa Claus in our postcards and cartoons wearing a red and white Coca-Cola - which is a real example of how a good illustration that causes pleasant feelings can change the world. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nProžimajne illustrations and life in the modern world \ r \ n \ r \ nIn the present time, it is difficult to imagine how to live, not to there is design. All social network is rich with him, each chair has its own patterns, on every wall we can find advertisement or poster. At every turn there is something behind which stands one, who wants something to us saying, subtly or directly. There is a whole invisible world, which is a combination of illustrations, text, and someone needs to give you something. Depending on many factors, depends on whether you this information reach, but it is indisputable that the effort for it there, and that has a huge impact on us, our view of the world, and of course where we choose to invest our time, money, and emotions . \ R \ n \ r \ nDo not only communication goal of good design and illustrations - its purpose, in its purest form - the enrichment of our lives. That the product itself has no quality, it simply would not buy no matter how nicely packaged. Add something new, a new value, it is something that good design weight. Funny illustration in step with the funny visual, insightful commentary on an interesting campaign, cheerful melody in animation: all these are small droplets that contribute to our nicer experience of the world and discovering something new that we are in it like. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n In the end, in the same way, we can say that the use and illustrations on blogs - because, what is a blog without illustration to substantiate it? Without them, he is empty, long, difficult to read and understand. And when you get through the less interesting text put that illustration, a blog is visually interrupted, the division on the whole, and becomes all in all enjoyable, is not it? \ R \ n \ r \ nThis feeling of comfort and transparency, it is what helps the understanding of the text. Time, it serves its purpose to enrich life with pleasant images, communication between us and you - and hopefully, some new interesting information (as in the illustration, and through text, because we are on their symbioses but enough said) that you HAS and that will come in handy in the future.

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