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(Live Stream Android Dev Summit's

Amplitudo Akademija // Delivery

"As a result of successful cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (University of Montenegro) 23. 10. We in the lobby of the University; organized; Live streaming Android Dev Summit-a.")

Summit was held in California and the topic of the news from the world of development Android application. Live streaming is bio reserved for the event Keynote: Dave Burke, VP of Engineering and Steph Cuthbertson, Senior Director of Product Management. We had a chance to hear very interesting information about the future of Android applications. we also found out that Kotlin took precedence as the programming language, or that more becomes the first choice when creating new applications. we met with the team to was released a new version of the Android 4. 0 Studio environment and with it the new lists for development. it emphasizes the Compose, enabling us to write custom interfaces to complete the new and modern way. Developers around the world can now easily that probe Compose, although the current version is still in development -, while stable version completely new Android Studio and its tools can we expect during the next year. In cooperation with Google developers club Podgorica we have organized with QA Senior android developers. In this section, we exchanged opinions on this internationally important topic and thus gave her a sense of the local boundaries. none shot interesting socializing it behind us, and we are eager new.

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