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Marketing in the film - Product Placement


Marketing actions often undermine the very structure of the movie, inserting a product of where they do not belong and where the scenario does not allow it. In this statement certainly some truth, but, as usual, every story has two sides. ")

If you ask filmmakers, manipulation of the seventh art for the purpose of marketing is the biggest desecration of the same. When there is to be launched products on the market, but is the basis of artistic impression of the film as a whole. Marketing actions damaging the film structure, by injecting a product of where they do not belong and where the scenario that often does not allow. In this statement certainly some truth, but, as usual, every story has two sides. the film is not, and will never become a tool for product placement, but can serve as a channel of communication. I agree that violent product placement is never good, but if you have visprenog scenarstu and capable director, product can be very elegantly drawn into the consciousness of the audience, and that they do not even notice. the product can be adapted to the very plot of the film, or a particular scene, very skillfully and nenavalentno. Maybe we would be a lot nicer if the art machinery and marketing as it is not mixed, nor would mark eting as one of the biggest drivers of the world today should have an interest in the arts, but as is usually the case, the interweaving is unavoidable. However, satisfaction is usually mutual. Filmmakers often be financially supported by a corporation or brand, and in return to their achievement needs to find a product, logo or any feature of the said sponsor. Product placement is, above all, very controversial way of advertising - not to send a specific message, but acts on the human subconscious. This is a marketing approach for which intervenes when the market is already saturated and no longer offers the possibility of finding a buyer in an optimal way. We realize that product placement is intended only for the giants in the market. Small businesses do not have a budget which is sufficient for this type of advertising. Thus, it is clear on what kind of marketing is word. Often pulls question the credibility of the media, because product placement is considered manipulative kind of addressing the target group. The message sent, was implemented in the content, so that works subtly and unobtrusively. And it is quite obvious that neither one nor the other. Ordinary or hidden advertising? Think about the emotions caused by the one and the other. Advertisement knows that we are irritated, to be boring and tiring, but what is most important from the beginning we know that its objective is to attack just us. On the other hand, hidden advertising is something else. It will discreetly appear within the content that we chose to look. Why would we then anything irritated?; When product placement and more it comes; transformational than informational advertising. Therefore, many will easily provoke empathy with the audience. They can make us resembles or sympathize with the given situation where product placement takes place. Stealth is great, but this is a very intrusive way of placement in which I was a product of often not identified, but on a subconscious level, we receive information about him. After some time, the information received linker with positive emotions that we have content that we saw caused, resulting in successful PP process. Identification of the audience (potential consumers) with a character from the film or series is the basis for product placement. After identification, the consumer is accustomed to the fact that just the characters from the film series or use a particular brand. When the characteristics of the brand recognized in the character with whom we identify, means that product placement works. The best example is the series Sex and the City and a well-known character Carrie Bradshaw, who is a role model for women of all classes, age and power of payment. Identification with her character has led to increased sales of products that it uses, which is a perfect example of product placement and. I personally stayed in a memorable example of the movie Juno ,, \ '\' in 2007. The story that follows the naive and simptične teenagers who are faced with the real life challenges, is very suitable for product placement. Tic-Tac candies are ubiquitous in the film. In addition to all the time crawling, they are a symbol of connection and love between the two young people. I was the perfect victim! After this great film, I began regularly to buy Tic-Tac with orange flavor. Product placement is one of the most interesting ways of advertising, which we have only scratched the text. Think about Carrie Bradshaw and Tic-Tac candy and be surprised at how many things you have to love and started to use because your favorite movie, series or music video.

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