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"Presentation" New technologies - new opportunities '

Amplitudo Akademija // Delivery

(As the result of successful cooperation with the faculties in Montenegro, Tuesday \ r \ n22. 10th our developers at the Faculty of Information tehnnologija (University \ r \ nMediteran) presentation on how the altered digital innovation \ r \ nsvijet where we live and how amplitude walking through all these changes. ")

Presentation started Velibor (Development Lead), whose theme \ r \ nobuhvatala classification and basic characteristics of technological possibilities that \ r \ nnam are available. The emphasis is put on the programming languages ​​PHP and Java, \ r \ nAs and two frameworks - Laravel and Spring boot. Part of the presentation is devoted \ r \ nor the benefits of gaining experience on specific projects, as well as the important role of mentor during training programmers novice. his topic is \ r \ nzaključio; advice that success is hidden in \ r \ ntimskom work and sense of belonging to the team that works on projects. Stevan (Senior Android Developer) informed the attendees with our successful \ r \ nstartup a Go. Plant. me, which comes from domestic frame and reaches incredible \ r \ ninternacionalne successes. he talked about how the formation of the application itself, the \ r \ nExample good practice startups in the world, but also the achievements that this \ r \ NNAs innovative project realized. he called and motivate the audience that through this \ r \ nUse they are socially responsible and planted their tree. Nemanja (Acting Development Manager) has rounded the whole story \ r \ npredstavljajući present what our company does, which results \ r \ npostigla and for what purpose we established amplitude academy. An extension of the \ r \ npriču his colleagues that only teamwork gives fantastic results, and spoke \ r \ her and that every innovative project contains a lot of interesting things \ r \ nprogramerima available to them reveal. At the end of the time devoted to QA. We are pleased that in this \ r \ nShare shown interest in training that we organize, and perform \ r \ nstručnog training in our company. This is just one of the indicators that \ r \ novakve presentations have positive feedback, which is for us certainly additional \ r \ nmotiv to maintain them all over. Therefore, we continue with educational associations with some new interesting topics.

Informacione tehnologijeAmplitudo AkademijaUniverzitet MediteranGoPlant.me
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