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Are you threatening destruction to Apple?


' Ignoring of certain products, Apple is angry most loyal users and developers, but they are the biggest promoters of Apple products. '')

"After the market capitalization of Apple is currently the largest company in the world. Apple's war chest, or the money ready for investment or acquisition competition worth over $ 200 billion, far above any competitor. Apple's iPhone is the best selling phone, music player, camera and computer. By some criteria, the iPhone is the most successful product in history. \ r \ n \ r \ NIPAC, looking at the structure of revenue Apple, a thing becomes apparent: \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n From Macrumors. com \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ Niphon represents an increasing share in total revenues \ r \ ngross iPad decrease \ r \ ngross services (iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud and other) goods rise \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nDominacija iPhone in revenue Apple, seems to divert attention from other products. Addressing are two examples from other major segments of hardware sales. \ r \ n \ r \ NMAC: Portfolio product is out of date and in some cases is very rusty. The site MacRumors, which and have already been following Apple maintains a section Buyers Guide, which classifies Apple products at a stage in the life cycle and gives recommendations to potential buyers. Here's how the current Macrumors assessed range of products: \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nPrilično is devastating when your fan site like this ocjenuje your offer. Mac Pro, the most expensive computer in the offer and the supposed flagship offered last underwent upgrade before the first 187 days, or more than three years. \ R \ n \ r \ nIgnorisanjem Mac, Apple is angry most loyal users and developers, and it is precisely they are the biggest promoters of Apple products. \ R \ n \ r \ niPad: To forecast as the successor to the iPhone and the new wonder, for several years decreased sales. In 2012, Apple has sold over 17 million iPads quarterly, while last year sales exceeded 9 million. Leadership that Apple has had in education, and the use of iPads in schools is evaporated advent of competition, and Google's Chromebook, which is cheaper and easier to maintain due to the fact that the entire system and user files in the cloud. The reasons are many, but the most realistic is that Apple fails to iPad into something more than a big iPhone, which does not give rise to existing owners to replace the device. \ R \ n \ r \ nMeđutim, whether Apple innovate in other segments, or whether it is up to date with upcoming trends? According to official information available, it would seem that it is not. \ R \ n \ r \ nArtificial Reality / Virtual Reality (AR / VR) - the area that is expected to grow exponentially in the future and to replace other means of content consumption. So far, Apple has no product in this area, nor has announced some in the future. \ R \ nPametni cars and autonomous driving - Area in which technological giants, and of course the car industry, is investing tens of billions of euros. \ R \ NTV - the story of the Apple TV product, be it a TV device or data plan similar to cable television, takes over five years with no tangible results. \ R \ nCloud: Apple is far from Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and his virtual assistant Siri is considerably slower and more limited in comparison to the competition. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nThis does not mean that Apple does not have hundreds of people who constantly work on new products, and secrecy is something that makes the company legendary. However, judging from products introduced in the past year, it is obvious that most of Apple iPhone deal and not a lot of anything else. \ R \ n \ r \ nJasan the risk of disruptive competitor that can use new technology and outclass the current leaders (extreme negative example, she's been through Nokia). In the first few versions, the iPhone was years ahead of the competition by design, ease of use, but it is noticeable that the difference with the competition decreases, and the general trend komodizitacije phone means that the devices of comparable characteristics two to three times cheaper. \ R \ n \ r \ nAkcionari currently have for once to complain, considering that the price action at historic highs, new iPhone 8 will start imposing upgrade cycle for existing owners of the iPhone 6 and 6S, and is likely to be recorded new sales records. \ R \ n \ r \ n But, on the other hand there is an impression that Apple knows what can replace their most successful product.

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