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Computer Room Faculty of Electrical Engineering was named "amplitude"

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Company Amplitudo continues the mission of corporate social responsibility, this time investing in what we consider the root development. Young people from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica will also, thanks to our donation, get a refurbished computer room for lectures, which will, at our pleasure to wear name Amplitudo.

What good things do not come alone, we are pleased that our investment in the ETF launched an avalanche of initiatives of private companies from Montenegro so that in the coming period, most halls and amphitheaters in this faculty to be renovated in a similar fashion. This move of the new management is no wealth in the history of this faculty. Faculty who soon receives a gift and a new logo, from our design factories. in addition, we announce that we will in February next year, with our partners from the ETF, run the startup academy within which selected students will have the opportunity to their innovative ideas formed in startups with the help of mentors, successful alumni ETF.; amplitude hall will in future accommodate our free academy that has so far spawned more than 70 developers, of which almost a third of employees in our company. "or we'll find a way, or by themselves create. '')

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