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What is actually copywriting? Part I


The term copywriting no adequate translation in our language, but in our country used in its original form. It is usually translated as creative writing, which is not exactly precise definition. ")

"Copywriting is a concept that is at least once every heard in my life, but most still do not know what exactly it means. There are some people who are sure that they are familiar with this term feedback is usually the following: ,, copywriter are paid to lie! superficial people who own spisateljeski talent they're looking for on lies and superficiality! '' of course, there are people who know what copywriting means, is that they are in the minority but there. \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n Most still, or does not know, or copywriter-e called thieves. Yes, yes, well you understand. When you lie that the stealing is not it? Obviously copywriter-and. I can create original and unique content and will again be thieves. it is a sad their fate caused prejudice (although that is a phenomenon still remain immune to the prejudices in our society?), but let's at least try to break this misconception. \ r \ n \ r \ nIzraz copywriting no adequate translation in our language, however, and with us is used in its original form. it is usually translated as creatives but the writing, which is not exactly precise definition. It is a specific type of writing short and effective texts and sentences that are to hit a specific target group. \ R \ n \ r \ nKnow those advertisements that are constantly spinning on TV? Yes, the scenario for it is written by a copywriter. Or the leaflet that comes to you in your mailbox every month? And it is written by a copywriter. When we hear the phrase ,, not all the same, '' all of the first association Nectar juices. Coincidentally or not, this slogan of the entire campaign is the work of a serious marketing team, including natural and copywriter. \ R \ n \ r \ nDo you're ready for the digital transformation? \ R \ Ndaka, copywriter writes promotional activities such as: slogans, TVC commercials, radio jingles, PR texts, advertisements in newspapers, billboards, flyers, but there are and strategy performances and creative part of the development of the idea or campaign from its beginning to the very end. \ R \ n \ r \ n In short, the copy (text that says copywriter) is a thoughtful, well packed and fluent text that exists to promote companies, personalities, events, ideas and the like. The purpose of copywriting is to get you to think that you convince to accept certain ideas, opinions and views as relevant and as something that would be good to consider. Copywriting is the art of compression of the entire business, project or campaign in several brutal convincing and keywords. It sounds easy, but let's try it in a few words present some his complex thought or idea? Does not go. That's what I thought. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nCopywriter before every written word has a lot of pressure, regardless of whether this is a blog, slogan or scenario. Always has to develop and succeed in the fact that his text to be observed. How to become viral? How this text someone to be beneficial? How can someone truly interested, and yet on the other side to do their promotional part of the job? Every process has a beginning and an end, so in this case. So that we do. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nCopywriter persistent and must be committed to the researcher. Overwhelmed by information in this case is not a mistake. In any kind of writing, research is very important, so in this case. New information provides new ideas and broaden our field of knowledge of certain topics (so far we have repeatedly stressed how important it is that every marketer, and perhaps even most copywriter who frequently create content, be minutely acquainted with the client and the theme of which is dealt with). New information inspire and make the creative part of the job is developing a chain until the unit starts to be monitored. When you begin to suspect the framework of the whole, in the end you research. Then you can move on to step two. \ R \ n \ r \ nDo not hesitate to leave a little more time to designing titles. It is easier to something prepredati days, but that same content compress into a few sentences that contain the essence of the most essential message threads that you do. As well as in elementary school, if you remember, when you ask a professor of literature about a book report you read, one school class would you been short of saying everything you have. But if the question of themes and ideas, which have to be answered in a few sentences the problem arises. What is copywriting. The essence said simply, clearly and briefly. The essence and lie not really go together right? We are well on the way to breaking thesis that copywriters liars. Let's move on. \ R \ n \ r \ nWhen you manage to get to the title (in some cases up to the slogan, key messages, keywords, etc.), but you are, no matter how strange it may sound, solve half the job that awaits you. Time are concretized and essentially determine the boundaries of themes that you do. Do I have to emphasize that the address does not need to contain a few sentences? I think we got that. It must be clear, brief, unique, precise and of course beneficial. Exactness is always a sign that you are on the right track. No wandering, set limits and goals and just keep going. \ R \ n \ r \ nKratak and clear title and ask such a text. Keywords that work your target group at the intellectual, emotional, or some other level, must protrude from the text that stinging eyes and forcing the reader to continue to swallow sentences, until you come to the end of your text. \ R \ n \ r \ nI what remains is to finally its target group telling the story. It was the result of TVC commercials, precise viral campaign or appearance on social networks, the story must be told well, and pointed out a key message and izazazivajući with your target group precisely those emotions that you had to determine strategy that must be communicated and induced. Maybe copywriter can be a manipulator, liar or not! \ R \ n \ r \ Ndaka, we have come to the main part, to storytelling. Given the fact that this subject in itself tight, about her will in the remainder of this paper. Just witness testimony is very important. To ruled his copywriting writing, you become content Scheherazade's. Do you, for Ralik of Scheherazade not zaustviti per thousand and the first story. In marketing, there is no stopping. \ R \ n \ r \ nNow descend curtains, more specifically to the second act of the second part of the blog. Pozdravjam you by telling a story about telling stories! ")

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