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The most innovative company in 2020

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Amplitudo is, according to the decision of the Award Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, the laureate for innovation for the year 2020.

The official statement of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro:


"Amplitudo has developed an innovative platform "Uči doma" in record time in response to the needs of education in a pandemic, by which it is recognized by the European Commission. The company is part of a leadership group that will work on the development of accelerators for competitiveness and innovation in the next three years, organized by the World Economic Forum. They developed the Montenegro COVID-19 Online platform, which included eDonations and the Qarta application, to contribute to the most efficient fight against the COVID-19 virus, facilitate the collection and allocation of resources, and enable faster communication of teams in the fight against the pandemic. They developed the Kasper application for waste selection, collection, and recycling, implemented the BoostMeUP pre-acceleration program with Technopolis and the Science and Technology Park, and the Digital Den start-up incubator."


The award was given to our CEO Nenad Novović by President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović at the ceremony marking the 93rd anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce.


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