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A document management system

Create, store, manage, archive, protect, search and retrieve digital documents.

WHAT IS drDoc?

A platform that digitalizes your administrative tasks in an efficient and simple manner. It eases extensive and complex paperwork, and affects the quality of your business. It allows you to create, store, manage, archive, protect, search and download digital documents. Simple. Quick. Beneficial.

What are


of the drDoc system?

Dynamic work processes

drDoc helps and enables the optimization of work processes in the company, defining the workflow, its complete establishment at the company level, authorization by defined users, conditions and rules for changing the flow phases, as well as monitoring the established flow.

Data privacy

Imagine the possible damage in your company, if the customer database falls into the wrong hands. DMS is created for internal use, without the possibility of access to the system outside the company and built-in security systems eliminate these risks.

Better organization

By grouping related documents in shared folder you are making order. You can choose who have access to the documents. An optimal search system and a structured document tree ensure that content is always at hand.

Task overview

You work on a variety of processes on a daily basis, which include project assignments, HR activities, social media posts, contracts, invoices - and more. Due to the large number of documents, the processes are often slowed and outdated. drDoc gives you an overview of all processes in one place in a modernized way.

Personalization and selection of work tasks

The task management tool will improve your team's collaboration on tasks. As each task has a separate folder, it is easier for your team to obtain information and the processes are faster. Your team can easily share ideas, files and feedback on how to collaborate on the system and get things done quickly.

Private and public messages

drDoc brings together the right people and the right information, helping everyone be more organized and efficient. Contact your colleague directly, via a private message in the form of a chat, and you can also leave public messages on the Bulletin Board, integrated within the drDoc system.

What operations does drDoc perform?

  • Scanning paper documents
  • OCRconverts different types of documents (scanned paper documents, PDF files, or images taken with a digital camera) into editable and searchable data
  • Document management- viewing documents in various formats, searching for documents by certain parameters and document versioning
  • Modify Index Data - Modify the index values of documents for users with editing privilege
  • Export documents to your hard driveor send them as attachments or links via email
  • Create a template- Create documents according to predefined templates
  • Providing an outstanding user experience through a user interface designed to make DMS(Document Management System) intuitive and easy for all types of users
  • Integration with the email system

Use time and resources smarter

75.9% of companies have serious business problems due to cumbersome administrative processes.

90% increase in employee satisfaction with a decrease in administrative procedures.

5% of documents in physical form are lost.

The average office worker spends more than 8 hours a week on paperwork, almost one work week a month.

A standard cabinet with 4 drawers for documentation occupies 9 square meters of office space.

Mobile application

Applications are an indispensable part of our lives. They track our activities, record routines and allow us to easily communicate.

Our goal is to make that part of your life simple, sophisticated and superbly designed.

The drDoc mobile app offers the user a set of functionalities such as:
  1. Calendar overview
  2. Folders overview and folder actions
  3. Basic and advanced search
  4. Overview of documents, with all actions (send, forward, add a new version)
  5. A push notification system that is there to make sure you are always up to date with all the developments related to documentation within your company
From 199 € per month

Documents. Simplified.