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Tree crowdfunding is an eco-friendly innovative green tree crowfunding platform developed in 2018 by Amplitudo, aiming to improve state of the environment in urban areas. operates as crowd-funding platform for trees, allowing individual and corporate users to donate trees in various cities, and thus create positive social resonance of improved urban greenery and environmental awareness.

Started as the customized application for Capital city Podgorica, and following its successful implementation, we realized the potential and launched the process of transforming the to the global environmental platform for the revitalization of urban green areas.

The app allows users to choose a city where they want to donate trees in. is built as a scalable software platform, allowing us to integrate one city in a few days, thus making it possible to quickly expand all over the globe. There is no charge of the direct cost for implementation, which makes the process easier. After quick integration, users can purchase and donate trees trough platform using their payment cards.

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Cities covered
Podgorica Podgorica
Bar Bar
Beograd Beograd
Herceg Novi Herceg Novi
Novi Sad Novi Sad
Skoplje Skoplje
Zagreb Zagreb
Thrre steps
04 also offers additional functionalities, such as:

Active communication with local authorities in reporting the problems with existing and proposing the locations for new green areas.

Contribution to the digitalization of city green registries, as citizens would be able to pin GPS location of each tree through the application, and thus automatically adding it to the city greenery digital map integrated with the application.

Organizing and facilitating volunteer actions for the users of platform