Amplitudo Academy Project assistant - Amplitudo

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Amplitudo Academy Project assistant

Your frequent activities will include:

  • Development of a weekly and monthly plan of all activities related to the Amplitudo Academy and reporting to the Sector Manager on the matter;
  • Preparation of regular reports on all activities of the Amplitudo Academy;
  • Keeping files of Amplitudo Academy students with records of all relevant data;
  • Keeping records of all applications received within the application deadline, as well as outside of it;
  • Communication with all registered candidates and informing them about the dates of the initial tests and all the accompanying procedures, activities and events within the Amplitudo Academy;
  • Monitoring the satisfaction of candidates and mentors;
  • Preparation and collection of information material necessary to promote the work of the Academy;
  • Communication with mentors and reporting to the Sector Manager on the performed activities, training plan, quality of lectures, communication, as well as on keeping records;
  • Controlling and coordinating the signing and implementation of contracts with mentors;
  • Participation in the organization of visits of Amplitudo Academy students and mentors in the Company's premises for the purpose of presentations of completed trainings, introduction, communication, extension of cooperation, provision of premises for the Academy, provision of all necessary equipment for work, as well as for all accompanying needs;
  • Making a presentation as needed;
  • Website administration and cooperation with the marketing and design team of the Company;
  • Being responsible for the successful realization of the Amplitudo Academy;
  • Execution of all administrative tasks related to the Amplitudo Academy;
  • Being responsible directly to the Administration Manager;
  • Realization of activities envisaged by the Company's social responsibility plan;
  • By order of the HR Assistant, the Director of the Sector, and the Executive Director, performing other tasks within the competence of the Company.

It is essential that you possess:

  • Analytical and organizational skills, time and project management skills;
  • Highly developed analytical skills;
  • Highly developed communication and negotiation skills;
  • Creativity and inventiveness.
  • C2 level of English language proficiency.


What you can expect from us is:

  • Competitive earnings;
  • Providing opportunities for further advancement;
  • Teamwork and positive energy;
  • Innovative projects.
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