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Android developer

In an effort to be innovative and socially responsible, we have developed "" - an urban, smart city green application, based on innovative ICT technologies and modern communication mechanisms that enables citizens and companies to donate tree seedlings in predefined urban locations and contribute to improvment of urban greenery and the quality of air in urban areas. project, as a pilot project, was launched in Podgorica and is currently being developed for the needs of 3 countries in the region in partnership with an international corporation. Goals for the next year are to expand to Western Europe, a couple of cities in the US and the East, which are currently in the negotiation phase. For more information on how the application works, visit

In order to further develop and expand at the international level, Amplitudo is in a need for Android developer Responsibilities and responsibilities: • Completes business tasks assigned by Product Owner and / or Project Manager; • Works on the development of the Android application, within which it accomplishes all tasks including but not limited to the development of new functionalities, programming of new cities, maintenance of the application, machine learning, augmented reality, etc; • Prepares technical documentation for application; • Provides technical support for the operation and maintenance of the application; • Makes recommendations and work on upgrading existing and new company’s Android apps if needed; • Collaborates with the development sector to improve the workflow and quality of projects, including but not limited to dev reviews, participation in the development of standards, etc .; Experience: • 1+ experience in active work and development of Android mobile applications - Java / Kotlin, Android studio; Corresponding to: • Tech lead; • Startup shareholders; We offer: • Competitive earnings; • Permanent contract with 6 months of probation; • Amazing working enviroment and positive energy; • Ability of fast promotion
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