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Digital marketing specialist

Your frequent activities will include:

● Creating and implementing digital marketing campaigns for clients;

● Integration of digital marketing into the overall marketing strategy;

● Cooperation with the marketing manager and creative team on the design and implementation of campaigns;

● Planning, strategy development, defining metrics, measuring results, analyzing, optimizing and monitoring marketing campaigns;

● Development of strategy and implementation of advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads platform;

● Communication with clients;

It is essential that you possess:

● Minimum of 3 years of experience in digital marketing;

● Advanced knowledge of managing and developing social networks and online channels;

● Advanced level of use of marketing tools;

● Knowledge of new technologies and techniques of digital marketing;

● Knowledge of marketing principles and strategic brand management;

● Analytical and organizational skills, time and project management skills;

● SEO basics;

● Highly developed analytical skills;

● Highly developed communication and negotiation skills;

● Creativity and inventiveness.

● C2 level of English language proficiency.


What you can expect from us is:

● Competitive earnings;

●  Two-year contract with six-month probation period;

● Providing opportunities for further advancement;

● Teamwork and positive energy;

● Innovative projects;

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