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Frontend developer

As fast growing, leading innovative company in Montenegro, that has set a goal of developing new product and working on large scale projects for foreign market:

We are looking for an experienced Frontend developer to join our dynamic and growing team, and be part of our plan to win the global IT market.

As a valuable member of our team, you will work closely with senior developers and participate in the most important projects of the company such as DMS and CRM systems, etc.

You will:

• Realize the business tasks assigned by Product Owner;

• Work on the development of Frontend software, Web sites, applications, within which you complete all tasks including but not limited to the implementation of design, development of new functionalities on the front, working with APIs, rendering applications / sites on the server;

• Develop responsive and optimized user interfaces for web applications and software;

• Optimize frontend web applications and software for maximum speed and scalability;

• Develop code, web components and libraries to be reusable and for future use;

• Provide technical support for the operation and maintenance of web applications and software in the frontend;

• Make recommendations and, where appropriate, work to improve existing and new web applications and software in the frontend;

• Develop technical documentation for the frontend of the project;

• Peer programming;


• Cooperate with the development sector to improve the workflow and quality of projects, including but not limited to dev review, participation in the development of work standards, etc .;


If you have:

• 3+ years of programming in React framework;

• Experience in working with REST APIs;

• Knowledge of SEO Optimization;

• Knowledge and experience in GIT;

• Understanding design patterns;

• Basic knowledge in Photoshop.


You respond to:

• Dev lead;

We offer: 

• Competitive earnings;

• An indefinite contract with 6 month probation period;

• Teamwork with modern technologies and positive energy;

Job offer has exipred :(
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