Infrastructure engineer - Amplitudo

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Infrastructure engineer

Your frequent activities will include:

  • Setting up the company's network architecture and improving it;
  • Installation and configuration of servers for the needs of various systems (Php, Java, Python, NodeJS, etc.) and this is provided by cPanel or Linux / Windows servers;
  • Migration of systems and data as needed or required by the client;
  • Providing consulting services to clients in use and further upgrade of the system or site;
  • Periodic checking of the correctness of all systems and sites in maintenance, development of mechanisms for automated checking (UptimeRobot, SSL check tools, etc.);
  • Periodic backup of systems and sites in production, source code, databases and files and backup recording in a safe location;
  • Taking care of response time to customers as well as taking and resolving tickets related to the operation of the product;
  • Keeping clear records of the credentials of all accounts (servers, dns, mail servers, etc.) used to operate the product;
  • Keeping clear records of inventory used and active participation in the procurement of equipment for all sectors in the company;
  • Providing support, including writing technical documentation and relevant reports necessary for the smooth maintenance of all systems and software solutions;
  • Monitoring diagrams and written instructions for troubleshooting or system setup;
  • Supporting the introduction and installation of new software solutions and applications;
  • Solving problems with systems and networks, diagnosing and resolving errors on hardware devices or software solutions;
  • Equipment maintenance (reinstallation of computers, adjustment of peripherals, etc.).

It is essential that you possess:

  • Experience in aforementioned or similar affairs;
  • Good database knowledge (MySQL, MSSQL etc.)
  • Good understanding of PHP and/or Java programming language;
  • Basic knowledge in networks as well as Windows/Linux operating systems;
  • Desire for progress, latest tools researching and helping us improve the existing systems.


What you can expect from us is:

  • Competitive earnings;
  • Two-year contract with a six-month probation period;
  • Opportunities for further progress;
  • Your workshop with up-to-date equipment and all the necessary tools for work;
  • Team building activities;
  • Relaxed working environment;
  • Flexibility.
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