Legal associate - Amplitudo

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Legal associate

As fast growing, leading innovative company in Montenegro, that has set a goal of developing new product and working on large scale products for foreign market:

We are looking for a Legal associate


Who will join our dynamic team, an individual who will make sure that we follow all legal regulations and who will be the key member of a team that will help us with all legal aspects of our company as well as both internal and external projects.


We are looking for a well organized, experienced and ambitious person who will accept all challenges and work on new projects along with keeping track of cooperation with international partners. Communicative and skillful, ready for cooperation with all our partners - public notaries, lawyers etc, a person who represents and protects our company’s best interests.


Your frequent activities will include: 

  • Administering general and legal affairs;

  • Work within the field of Labour law (making contracts, annexes, decisions, acts etc.);

  • Work within the field of Obligation law (making contracts, NDAs, decisions, agreements, contract terminations etc.);

  • Work on public procurement (writing applications, going out to public openings, administering decisions etc.)

  • Work within the field of intellectual property (applications, requests, administering trademark protection procedures, industrial design procedures, patents, both on the territory of Montenegro and on the territory of the EU);

  • Cooperation and continuous communication with lawyers, public notaries etc;

  • Constant legislation tracking;

  • Further affairs assigned by the employer;

*During the performance of everyday activities you will have the support and cooperation with the rest of the administration team


It is essential that you possess:

  • Finished specialist studies at the Faculty of Law;

  • 3+ years of experience in the aforementioned or similar affairs;

  • Professional level of English language proficiency;

  • Organizational and communication skills;

  • Ability to work in a larger team;


What you can expect from us is:

  • Competitive earnings;

  • Two-year contract with six-month probation period;

  • Teamwork alongside  modern technologies and positive energy;

  • Innovative projects;

  • Providing opportunities for further advancement;



An example of the daily work on a project within Amplitudo company:


*Through project a legal associate was involved in starting a company in Estonia, obtaining a digital signature, trademark protection in Montenegro as well as in the EU through EUIPO process, making of cooperation contracts with business partners (Montenegrin Telecom company), memoranda of cooperation (municipalities of Podgorica, Cetinje, Herceg Novi etc.), employment contracts with the project team, NDA with partner companies, assisting in project writing for innovative grants by the Ministry of Science etc.

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