Finance officer - Amplitudo

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Finance officer

We are looking for a new ambitious team member ready to help us improve our business, to be in charge of finance management and control, and manage professional communication with clients, banks and other business partners, and thus make a positive impact on our the company.

Responsibilities and responsibilities:

• Monitoring and controlling the financial obligations of the company on a daily basis
• Creating invoices
• Financial control and communication with suppliers
• Monitoring of payment transactions, payments and records of company income and expenses
• Monitoring the balance of buyers and suppliers' analytical cards
• Participation in the analysis and preparation of the company's financial plans (payment plan, revenue plan, budget, etc.)
• Tracking the financial parts of a company contract (billing)
• Collecting documentation and preparing various analyzes and reports for the needs of banks, partners and other institutions
• Continuous communication with external accounting, delivery and exchange of documentation and reports

Education and experience:

• Minimum 2 years in finance
• Advanced knowledge of excel
• Preferred English language skills
Job offer has exipred :(
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