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Social Media Marketer

We are focused on quality, innovation and differentiation on the market. Our partners are diverse and international. Our solutions are a locomotive for businesses in the digital era and our digital marketing kicks ass.

We believe in teamwork, in the creativity and ambition of each individual. We respect opinions and strive to have fun while working.

If you are ready to contribute with your motivation, individuality and professionalism, we will be glad to be a part of our team.

Your frequent activities will include:

● Planning and elaboration of the client's digital performance strategy;

● Creating a calendar of publications in accordance with the client's plan and strategy;

● Communication with graphic designers and external collaborators;

● Administration of clients' social networks;

● Communication with clients regarding operational affairs;

● Monitoring and evaluation of the client's performance on various social networks;

● Writing reports and documents related to the online presentation of clients;

● Analysis of the performance of competition and industry;

● Designing and proposing activities that will improve the client's appearance on social networks;


It is essential that you possess:

● Minimum of 2 years of agency experience in the same and / or similar jobs;

● Advanced knowledge of managing and developing social networks and online channels;

● Advanced knowledge of advertising management tools and other tools for social media marketing;

● Creativity, dedication and attention to detail;

● Ability to solve problems independently and to multitask;

● Excellent organizational and communication skills;

● C2 or C1 level of English language proficiency.


What you can expect from us is:

● Competitive earnings;

● Providing opportunities for further advancement;

● Teamwork and positive energy;

● Interesting clients;


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We are here for you :)