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Software developer

For the past 6 years, we have been working to improve and expand our business in the field of innovation and technology. For the needs of working on project Upgrade of “My Tree” Urban Green ICT Platform with Augmented Reality and Machine Learning Technologies (Green-tech), we are looking for Software developers who will contribute to our further joint progress with their knowledge and experience.


Your duties and responsibilities:

  • Development of AR (Augmented Reality) and ML (Machine Learning) technology for the My Tree platform;
  • Implementation and testing of integrated AR / ML functionalities for the upgraded My Tree platform;
  • Creating project architecture;
  • Database design;
  • Development or optimization of system functionality;
  • Project production;
  • Participation in high-level decision-making on architecture, mode of operation and technology stack;
  • Analyzing and performing complex development tasks and problem solving;
  • Active attendance at ceremonies concerning agile methodology (sprint planning, retrospective, etc.);
  • Preparation of curriculum and mentoring program for graduates in ICT Factory;

It is necessary that you possess:

  • Completed or active PhD studies in the field of IT;
  • Experience in working with modern technologies;
  • Experience with GIT and daily pull requests;
  • Experience with Agile work methodology.

We offer you:

  • Fixed earnings + bonuses for achieved goals;
  • A contract for an indefinite period;
  • Advancing and taking on bigger roles;
  • Evaluation of work results;
  • Working in a stable company with well-defined long-term goals and a modern way of doing business, a healthy and positive environment with a young team.
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