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Software development


We develop customised softwares for broad range of clients, with different functionalities and superb User Experience.

    Our flagship software was SHIFT, developed in 2015 for Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services (EKIP). This number portability software-assisted EKIP in maintaining one of the most frequent services in the national telecommunication market, by facilitating the efficient transition from one to another telecommunication services provider.


SHIFT software cemented our market position and started an organizational shift to the realm of digital innovations, so from the company solely working on Softwares-as-a-Product (SaaP), we moved to the Softwares-as-a-Service (SaaS).


Leading national public and private sector organizations were our clients - Agency for Electronic Communication and Postal Services, Societe Generale Bank, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, Volcano Bet, Basketball club Budućnost and many others.

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