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Amplitudo Academy creates developers, testers, marketers, and designers. They become dedicated professionals ready to spread the knowledge further

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Free of charge Amplitudo Academy educates and trains young people in the domain of Programming, Marketing, Design and Project Management. What is our role? We are creating a workforce for the highest paid and the most desirable industries to work in, that face shortage of human resources.

THE GOAL is to prevent brain drain from Montenegro, by making competent employees and providing support for acquiring new skills and knowledge.

ADDITIONAL MOTIVATION for Academy candidates is the opportunity of being employed by Amplitudo, the fastest growing IT company in Montenegro.

OUR MISSION is to eliminate the void between formal education and the needs of the labour market. We train our candidates to work on real projects, so that they could have the list of successfully implemented projects at the end of the training (rather than CV, GIT account/portfolio).

THE RESULT OF THE FIRST AMPLITUDO ACADEMY , that commenced in September, 2018, are 14 employees who are working on real enterprise solutions today.

4 Mentor


Candidate 86


4 Course


Lecturer 5


(guest and foreign)
Supervisor 1


In 2019, the Academy opened its doors to the second generation of candidates with the support of the Ministry of Science of Montenegro.

Through previously gained experience, we focused on the process improvement and raising the training quality: we augmented the number of mentors and lectures.

In order to enhance the curriculum, we introduced the following:

  • Detailed analysis of labour market
  • Creating a six month plan and learning and development goals
  • Detailed knowledge analysis of all candidates (through an assignment)
  • Augmenting the number of lectures - 2 hours per lecture, twice a week
  • Homeworks on a weekly basis
  • Code Review from mentor/developer and sending feedback to all candidates
  • Supervisor (experienced developer) who controls the mentorship quality and follows the progress of candidates
  • Follow up of candidate satisfaction
  • Specialization after 3 months (focusing on one programming language or specializing in front-end or back-end)
7 Mentor


Candidate 80+


8 Course


Lecturer 1


Supervisor 1


+ Cooperation with faculties

(start-up Academy)

The upcoming period will be dedicated to training enhancement in the following areas:

  • Game development
  • Testing
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Marketing

III generation will start their education in the renovated halls of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which represents the first investment in the infrastructure of our Academy.

The experience gained after the second generation of Amplitudo Academy will be used to expand Academy to other, digitalization related industries, necessary for day-to-day operations of companies.

Academy magic
By evaluating and analyzing the work on all projects and assignments, independent mentors suggest the best candidates to pursue a job opportunity in our company.
Six months of training starts with interactive work with 2 mentors (experienced experts) per course. During this period, the goal for all candidates is to do as many practical tasks and projects as possible.
Amplitudo provides the necessary funding for the training of 6 months and designates the jobs for the best candidates
Amplitudo Academy creates developers, testers, marketers, and designers. They become dedicated professionals ready to spread the knowledge further

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