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About us

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The twelfth year of the new millennium was marked by our desire to format creative energies in the form of Amplitudo llc. For us this is not a company, but the way of life, a cycle that begins with the recruitment of people and ideas, in which they are trained and encouraged to be creative and imaginative, and ends with a range of products that shape the imagination into functionality that ultimately changes the world around us. We started with simple process automation solutions that led to creation of hundreds of android and iOS applications, websites, numerous complex software solutions, and a promising hardware portfolio. Our partners are diverse and international. Our solutions are a locomotive for businesses in the digital era and our digital marketing kicks ass. Now deep into incubation and startup acceleration, because we feel that the struggle to change the world starts from creative ideas. In the battle with the giants of established practices and monsters of analog we enter with a lightsaber of innovations and a shield of ideas. And as the battle of the next nine years begins, things are pretty clear: we will come out of it with a shield - or on it.


Amplitudo was founded in 2012 in Podgorica, Montenegro


Creative and young teammates ready to rock!


Finished projects including, software solutions, mob apps and web sites

Company culture

If you dedicate yourself to the higher cause, learn and educate others, improve yourself in every aspect, and it turns out it's called a job, consider yourself part of our culture. When the goals of each individual align with the objectives of the organization, a true miracle happens. We put our hearts into digital. We change society, and we transform the world. Ambitious and visionary - that's us.

01Our greatest asset is people.
02Young, passionate and creative.
03Innovative and highly educated.

A word from our CEO

Our story began in 2012 with the desire to shape our creative energy, set it on a bold but clear and far-reaching path and give it a name - Amplitudo. For us, it is not just a company, but a way of life. That is why everything here begins with gathering people and affirming ideas created in an environment where the imperatives are imagination, courage, and originality; and it ends with a series of products that shape it into functionality that ultimately changes the world around us. You will recognize Amplitudo's work as a dynamic, creative roller coaster, filled with challenges, each of which leads to personal growth, subtle play between responsibility, self-organization, and teamwork, but also a lot of pleasure and smiles.

Nenad N.
amplitudo ceo
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Our vision

Products that are simple, sophisticated and perfectly designed dedicated to individuals and corporate mindset. A company that empowers young people to create, produce and change the world. A pivotal place for digital transformation, socially responsible company that wants to bring the best of Montenegro to the world.

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Development and implementation of ICT solutions Outsourcing sales for domestic and foreign companies On-line promotion for clients' needs The implementation of on-line payment Education of companies on the benefits of using ICT technologies.

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To create the nucleus of the development for the IT sector, a factory of ideas that has creativity and talent as key ingredients and top-quality products as the end result. To be a pioneer of transformation and an incubator for innovation.


At first it is business. Then: bond. Finally: a value.
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