The Digital Den concept is designed as a starting point for commercial ideas of innovation, staffing for the IT industry and beyond. DD is a place to set up, anticipate and respond quickly to all market turbulence and demands.

Digital Den is a startup incubator program designed to help new startups achieve success. Incubators help entrepreneurs solve problems typically associated with starting a startup by providing technology support, funding, mentoring, and training.


Balkan Tech Fund

We proudly announce establishment of Balkan Tech Fund (BTF), a groundbreaking venture capital fund in Montenegro, formed in strategic partnership with Digital Den. As pioneers in the region, our mission is fueled by an unwavering passion for shaping the future of Balkan entrepreneurship and embracing the unlimited opportunities within this dynamic landscape.

BTF is more than just an investment platform. It catalyzes growth and innovation, fostering collaborations and alliances. We aim to unite visionary individuals and ambitious startup owners from across the Balkans, propelling them towards unparalleled success. Together, we will unlock the full potential of this vibrant region and forge a path towards a thriving entrepreneurial landscape.


To achieve growth and progress, we established a gaming studio to support and strengthen the game development community. Although the gaming industry in Montenegro is still in its early development phase, it has excellent potential for success. Therefore, we aim to bring together video game enthusiasts, developers, and designers to create a connected community. Furthermore, the gaming studio will focus on creating 2.5D and 3D games to make Montenegro part of one of the most powerful global markets.

Why game development?

We are focused on the launch and accelerated development of the game industry in Montenegro, in order to put our country on the global map of the industry worth over 150 billion dollars a year. Our goal is to produce video games, both with the help of our teams and with the help of companies and individuals who want to become part of our story. Through the development of video games, we want to be competitive in the global market and enable all stakeholders to develop and market their video game through educational programs, employment opportunities and networking.

We aim to fully support 3Hills on their exciting game development journey in the coming period. Our goal is to organize educational programs dedicated to game development and game design to attract and inspire as many talented individuals as possible to join our mission.

3Hills Gaming Studio

In July 2021, 3Hills was established as a gaming studio spinoff. The team comprises passionate gamers, skilled developers, and innovative game designers. With no limits to their imaginations, they have created numerous games in a short period of time. Their debut mobile game, Starblind, showed their true potential, after which they created many casual and arcade games, making them experts in this field. It was their uniqueness and recognizable style that ensured the first collaboration with the Israel company Uniqa Entertainment, creating their first PC game, "TeamFive".

But that's not where the journey ends! Their competitive spirit led them to win the first-place Game Jam prize in Priština after creating a winning game within 48 hours! Guided by this significant accomplishment, 3Hills organized the first-ever Game Jam in Montenegro, bringing together young game enthusiasts from all over the country. 3Hills gathers creative and dedicated members who are constantly following the trends in the gaming industry. This allows them to continuously learn and implement new strategies in their game-making process.