Amplitudo Academy educates and trains young people in the domain of Programming, Marketing, Design, Game development and Project Management free of charge. We are creating talents for the highest paid and the most desirable industries to work in, that face shortage of human resources. Molding the future talents for the market, strengthening the Industry.


History of the Academy

The completely free Amplitudo Academy educates and professionally improves young people in the field of programming, marketing, design and project management. We started working in the school year 2018, and so far we have 3+ trainings and 100+ trained candidates per year. We are slowly expanding territorially to other cities, and professionally to other areas. What is our role? We produce young talents for industries with a shortage of people, which are both the most attractive for work, and of course - the highest paid. We were created with the aim of providing all interested parties with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and be competitive on the market through free training, and thus improve their starting position.


We eliminate the gap between formal education and labor market needs. We train participants to work on real projects, so that at the end of the training they have a list of successfully realized projects instead of a certificate of attendance.


Prevention of brain drain from Montenegro, creation of professional staff and providing support for acquiring new knowledge and skills.


Students of the Academy have a chance to get a job in Amplitudo, the fastest growing IT company in Montenegro.


Amplitudo Academy creates top professionals in the field of information technology, design and marketing from young people eager for knowledge, ready to use all their potential in working on projects with world-famous companies and further spread the acquired knowledge.

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